Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just checking in. [wave] It was a wild ride, but we're okay. Some stuff fell off shelves and tables and such, but there was no actual damage.

I was born in California and have lived here all my life, and usually I just sit wherever I am and enjoy a quake, but this one felt big -- hard and long and rolling. It reminded me very strongly of the '89 quake up in the Bay Area, and I actually got up and stood in the doorway for this one. Turns out it was a lot smaller (they're calling it 5.4; that one was 8.1) but also a lot closer (I was in Sunnyvale for that one, about 60km away from the epicenter, whereas this one was about 35km or so away).

We didn't even lose power, though. Everyone was sort of O_O and then it was over. I haven't even felt the aftershocks, although there were a couple of 3.8s.



Bernita said...

Thank you. Wondered about aftershocks.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm glad you're OK. I've no idea what an earthquake feels like and I hope to continue in my ignorance.

Angie said...

Bernita -- welcome. :)

Charles -- in actuality, most quakes are really small and are pretty brief. Even the ones you can feel (which is a minority of the total) are usually just shakers, where there's a rumble and everything jolts for a very few seconds, and then it's over with. I'm used to them and it's kinda fun -- you might like it. [duck]


Travis Erwin said...

Glad you are okay.

Angie said...

Travis -- thanks, hon. :)