Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Writing Challenge

[Significantly edited after clearing up a fairly major-ish misunderstanding. [cough]]

I just signed up for Aerin's 2009 Writing Challenge. :) It's easy enough -- you write 1000 words per month and post them on your blog. It's been a while since I haven't written 12K words per year (although the distribution was skewed pretty radically in '08) but hopefully this'll help me get through any dry spells. It'll also be a bit of a challenge to write 1000 words a month that I can actually post here. [cough]

Okay, not really, but I had to sort of laugh when I got to the "must post on your blog" part of it. [duck]

Aerin's giving away prizes and all, so go check it out, sign up, join us, show us what you're writing. :D



laughingwolf said...

sounds like fun, kinda... ;)

Angie said...

LW -- well I certainly hope you think so, LOL! [poke]


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll probably do more than a 1000 words of fiction this month but I don't have the energy right now to follow the rules. Sounds like a good idea, though.

Angie said...

Charles -- I usually do too (I'm discounting my nine month block from last year :/ ) but I figured having to produce a thousand words of something I can post here would keep me disversified.

I don't have the energy right now

I hope you're feeling okay? [hugz]


Anonymous said...

Wait, was there a misunderstanding? Was it mine? Was it poor Wolfie's temporary demotion to #4? I still don't know what ahppened. Anyway, welcome to the challenge! Be sure to check out our updates page at http://writers-challenge.blogspot.com

Angie said...

Aerin -- no, it was that Laughingwolf originally posted the announcement in his blog verbatim, and since it was in first person I thought it was his challenge. [laugh/flail] I edited to show that it was yours, and changed the link and all. :)