Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mostly Away

The packers are coming tomorrow, so for some unspecified while my presence online is going to be kind of spotty-ish. Being me I'll still be around some -- have laptop, will surf -- but I won't be spending all day online the way I usually do.

I have more sorting, stashing and tossing to do; everything has to be ready for strangers to start grabbing and boxing by 8am tomorrow, and I probably won't get much sleep. We're moving into a hotel tomorrow night, and the main computers will be packed up well before then.

I'm just hoping we don't lose too much between here and Seattle. :/

We'll be in a hotel for eight or nine days (during the packing and moving out of our stuff, then supervising a good cleaning [flamethrower, firehose, backhoe] and whatever last-minute repairs need doing), then flying up to Seattle and moving into temporary quarters, still not quite settled where. It all depends on how the deals go -- the guy who wants to buy our condo has been dragging his feet for the last week or more, and we're counting on that for a down payment on the townhouse. If that ends up falling through for some reason, we'll have to scramble for a quick refinance (which was our original plan before this buyer popped out of the woodwork) to get our down payment; it won't be enough for a full twenty percent, which will impact our interest rate and monthly payment, plus the time it takes will cause us to incur a substantial penalty ($85/day) for failing to close on the townhouse by the deadline. I'm really hoping our buyer down here gets his act together RSN. :/

If it all comes together, we could end up staying at a hotel in Seattle for as little as a week or two. If it all goes pear-shaped and we have to go back to house-hunting from scratch, we could end up in an apartment for two months, then moving to a smaller apartment when our per-diem runs out. More likely it'll be somewhere in the middle. Oh, then at the end, moving again to wherever we end up for the next few years, hopefully the townhouse we made an offer on. [crossed fingers] Most of our stuff (everything the packers will be packing tomorrow and Thursday) will be in storage until we're in permanent housing, so we get to live out of suitcases until that happens, joy.

I'm just looking forward to all this being over. You ever wish you could go to sleep and wake up a month or two later...? [wry smile]

Anyway, later all. [wave] Keep the internets warm for me. :)



Charles Gramlich said...

Good luck with it all. See you when you're regular again! :)

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks. :) Just because the universe was afraid we might get bored, we're getting horrendous rainfall; our garage (which is a whole story below grade) had over a foot of water in it at one point yesterday afternoon. A number of boxes full of Jim's books and comics got soaked and will probably have to be thrown out. :( It came within a hair of creeping under the door to the downstairs landing and starting up the stairs toward the living area when the rain finally stopped and it plateaued, then very slowly started to recede. There was so much rain, parts of Long Beach were flooded worse than we were, and the storm drain system just couldn't cope. Our sump pumps were pumping water into the drains, which were overflowing and sending water right back down the sloping driveway into the garage area. [headdesk] It was really awful, and it just started raining again a few minutes ago. O_O Why couldn't it have waited three days, until after we were moved out? :/


Bernita said...

"a good cleaning [flamethrower, firehose, backhoe]"
Heh. I relate to that.

Anyone besides our redoutable Angie would be prostrate by these complications by now!
Hope things smooth out. Like, immediately.

Angie said...

Bernita -- believe me, if I thought going prostrate would help, I'd be all over it, LOL! The only way out is through, though, and as I commented to Charles above, the path has gotten a mite soggy. :P

Your good wishes are definitely appreciated, though. {{}}


writtenwyrdd said...

Good luck on the move. I hate moving, so you have my sympathies. The packing is the hard part,though. Well, and schlepping the boxes.

Angie said...

WW -- thanks. :)

I just finished getting the library/craft room into more or less order for packing; I need Jim to haul out some garbage (professional packers will pack everything, including trash) but once that's done, we're basically good. We have some things which are staying -- a friend of our plumber is having some hard times and gets first pick of stuff we're leaving, then everything else goes to Goodwill. Worst case scenario there, though, is that we end up taking some stuff we wanted to get rid of, and I'm sure the Goodwill in Seattle would be just as happy to have the stuff, so I'm not sweating it at this point. :)