Sunday, March 14, 2010

Public Declaration of Intent

I just joined a gym. There's a 24-Hour Fitness in the shopping center right across the street from our new place. It's like a three minute walk away, so I have no excuse for not going. I plan to go at least four times a week. [determined look] We'll see how this goes.

Our new place really isn't big enough for working out, though; it has more square footage than our old place, but the footprint is much smaller (the whole three-story thing) so there's not much room in any one room/area for walking around, which was most of what I was doing last year. I'm past the point where my joints seize up in the middle of walking, though; if I keep the speed down, that doesn't happen anymore, so I'm not restricted to just walking back and forth inside like I was before last year, when I never knew when I was going to need to sit down Right Now. I've also progressed beyond my five-pound hand weights; they still work, in that enough reps of pretty much anything will get you aching, but it'll be more efficient to have access to a wider variety equipment.

We signed up for three personal training sessions, where someone who knows what they're doing will take us around and have us try various things, figure out what we should do, how many and at what weight/setting/whatever, and kind of set things up. I haven't had a weights class in ages, and they have different equipment than my college did anyway, so that'll be handy.

[Yes, I said "we" -- Jim signed up too. I'm only committing for myself, though, and I expect I'll go more often than he will just because I have more time. Jim can blog about it on his own if he wants. [grin]]

The 24-hour part means I can go whenever I want, which is great. I'm often at my freshest and most energetic in the middle of the night, so being able to go work out then will be good.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this, and hopefully posting about it will keep me from slacking off, LOL!



Bernita said...

Both convenient and practical, Angie.

Charles Gramlich said...

In the middle of the night? If I'm awake at that time I'm writing.

Angie said...

Bernita -- exactly. [nod] If it were less of either, I wouldn't do it; I know myself that well.

Charles -- sometimes I am too, and sometimes not. Depends whether or not my subconscious is still crunching away at something. And seriously, sometimes I'm up ALL night, as in from, say, nine or ten pm until noon. I can't write the whole time; if I could, I'd have several novels out by now. [wry smile] It'll be great to have something else productive available to do with the time when that's where my sleep/wake cycle is.


Steve Malley said...

Great stuff. I'm wrestling with my need to do cardio-- for too long, I've told myself that lifting a Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus over my head a few times was all the the workout I needed...

Angie said...

Steve -- LOL! Hey, if I could lift a car over my head, I might be a bit overwhelmed by my own awesomeness too! ;D But yeah, some cardio is always good. I have my first appointment with a trainer this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to that.


Erik Donald France said...

I joined LA Fitness about a year ago and have settled into a 3-4 times per week routine: ellipticals, Nautilus, quick shower, swim, hot tub, quick shower, sauna. Love it, but can take two hours at a pop. Wouldn't mind a la a Roman noble having it all at ahome villa, plus deep-tissue massage!

Angie said...

Erik -- wouldn't it be great to have those kinds of facilities and equipment at home? :D All we have to do is win a few lotteries and we're set!


Suzan Harden said...

Hi Angie!

I followed you from Tobias Buckell's blog. Best of luck of the training! I know in my case if it weren't for the beagle nagging me for a walk, I'd never get any exercise.

Angie said...

Hey, Suzan! [wave] Thanks! I've been to the gym a few times now, and have gone through my initial three personal trainer sessions. The last one was yesterday, and my arm still aches, LOL!

We're planning on getting a dog some time in the near future (have to wait a bit -- we had to put my husband's elderly cat down back in January, and I don't want to nudge too soon, you know?) and I'm sure having a dog who wants to go for walks will get me much more active too. [nod] I used to go for really long walks with my mom's dog when I lived with her for a few years; he's the dog in my icon, actually. We'd go out for four or five hours, usually in the middle of the night, sometimes until past dawn. Seeing the sun rise with your dog is kind of cool. :)


laughingwolf said...

to REALLY get fit, adopt a dog from your spca! :O lol

Angie said...

LW -- we do plan to get a dog within the next few months, and yes, I'm sure taking puppy for regular walks will help a lot. :D