Monday, September 30, 2013

Great Review for Captive Magic

Pixie at MM Good Book Reviews gave Captive Magic four hearts and said:

I really enjoyed this story with its dimension jumping and puzzle solving, watching as Manny and Breck begin to enjoy a relationship and how they save the day. I liked how they worked together to figure a way out for Breck and how they managed to fix things when everything went wrong. Their relationship was forged during a really difficult time for Breck, and you can see him being pulled in two when the demon gets impatient and begins pulling his strings…. do what the demon wants or be there for his mother and sister? Manny being with him and helping him really saves Breck in more ways than one. While Manny is a large part of this story, I couldn’t help but feel that it was really Breck’s story and although their relationship is special, it is really Breck’s trials that make this story great.

I recommend this to those who love paranormal abilities, dimension jumping, interesting beings, a relationship forged in hard times and a great ending.

Thanks to Pixie! I'm so glad she liked the dimension-hopping and all -- it's a bit different from what I've done in the earlier books, so I was hoping people who've been reading along would enjoy it. :)



Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice! Always good to get a good review.

Angie said...

Charles -- it's definitely awesome. :) Thanks!