Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Path to Artistic Success

Writer Scott William Carter came up with the ultimate formula for achieving success as a writer, or any other kind of artist. This is the real deal, folks. Here's an infographic he made to summarize:

Scott's Formula for Success photo 0ede8df7-6cc6-4fa5-8414-d7da8205405c.jpg

Seriously, though, click through and read his post. Good stuff, amazingly free of bullshit and time-wasting crap. :)



Suzan Harden said...

It sounds too simple, but it's true.

Angie said...

Suzan -- yep. I think that's the problem, that too many people assume it has to be complex, so they start stuffing more and more steps into it. :P


The Happy Whisk said...

Ass to chair is the way I produce the most words. Really simple.

Angie said...

Whisk -- yep, me too. I read about other writers who go all-out on the promo, though, blog hops and constant tweeting and their own YouTube channel and book trailers and whatever all, and you have to wonder when they have time to write. :/ Who was that marketing person who rambled on about how you have to live your life in public, on the internet, to connect with readers? Everyone on Passive Guy's place was snarking at her, but people like her are everywhere, and too many writers believe them. [sigh] They think there's a trick or a formula or something that you have to figure out how to do, besides just writing, that will make you a famous bestseller, and it just isn't true.

Ass to chair is how it works, but that sounds too simple for these folks. It's really sad.