Saturday, January 30, 2016

Model Deals with Dirtbags Online

So Emily Sears is a model, and like many models, she posts pics of herself online regularly. It's part of the job, building her reputation and brand, all that good stuff.

But there are dudes online who think it's just neato-kewl to send her pics of their penises, just... because? I don't even know. Do these guys really think some woman they've never met is going to look at a crappy phone-pic of their junk and think, "OMG I wanna this guy to bang me hard!!" Really? [eyeroll]

Eventually Ms. Sears got sick of this crap, and decided to start doing something about it. She looked at the guy's online profile, and found his wife or girlfriend, and sent her a screenshot of what the guy sent, with a note saying she thought the woman should be aware of what her husband/boyfriend was doing online.

I think this is an awesome solution. :) A friend of Ms. Sears, a DJ named Laura, who also gets dick pics on a regular basis, has started doing the same thing.

Good stuff, click through and read about it. The comments are actually worth reading too. I particularly like the one where a woman tells about how, when she was fourteen, some dude sent her a dick pic and she sent him a picture of cutting a banana. [smirk] I hope that had him crossing his legs for a while.



Charles Gramlich said...

the act of sending such a pic, especially to a stranger, boggles my mind.

Angie said...

Charles -- that's because you're a decent, rational person. Clearly these guys sending pics of their junk all over the net have a glitch somewhere.


Suzan Harden said...

Thanks for posting this! I so needed a good laugh today! :-D

Angie said...

Welcome! :D