Friday, December 25, 2020

Anthology Markets -- LAST Referral Post

The anthology posts are moving. Click here to find this month's post. 

Click here for the explanation of why the posts are moving.

Please update your links. This is the last time I'll be posting a referral here on this blog.

The standard two-months-and-a-bit posts are still free for anyone to use. I'm hosting them on Patreon from now on for reasons explained in the second link above, but you don't have to support my Patreon to see them.

Best of luck with your subs!


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Free Story -- The Way the Cookie Crumbles

 WMG Publishing is doing a Holiday Spectacular again this year, where they e-mail subscribers a free holiday story every day from Thanksgiving through New Year. My story is up today, and I'm offering it as a free read on my reader blog for one week.

You can still subscribe to the Holiday Spectacular, and they'll send you all the stories that've gone out so far. There's a lot of great stuff coming through -- highly recommended!

The Way the Cookie Crumbles will be up until the 29th, so check it out soon, and enjoy!