Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Sorry, These People Are Morons

Rachel Bird and Gideon Codding got married in Roseville, CA, but refused to sign the marriage license because the blanks on the form say "Party A" and "Party B" instead of "Bride" and "Groom." This is a huge deal to them, apparently -- they claim that their rights are being violated because this form, which they'll likely never see again once they sign and submit it, doesn't refer to them the way they would prefer.

"We just feel that our rights have been violated," [Ms. Bird] said.

Right. Because this form doesn't have exactly the terminology they want, that's a huge violation of their rights. Clearly everything should be put back the way it was a few months ago, because their supposed right to see "Bride" and "Groom" printed on a form has to override the rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California to get married at all.

I guess no one suggested to them that they sign the stupid form and then refer to themselves however they like. [eyeroll] No, clearly that won't do. In fact, Ms. Bird's [she's still Ms. Bird because their marriage hasn't been legally registered] father,

Doug Bird, pastor of Roseville's Abundant Life Fellowship, said he is urging couples not to sign the new marriage forms, and that he is getting some support from congregants and colleagues at local churches.

"I would encourage you to refuse to sign marriage licenses with 'Party A' and 'Party B,' " he wrote in a letter that he sent to them. "If ever there was a time for the people of the United States to stand up and let their voices be heard – this is that time."

Wow. That's special. And I'm sure it's going to make a huge difference in millions of lives, while harming no one. [cough]

So her father, who's older and should be advising her with the wisdom of age about when to stand up and fight and when not to sweat the small stuff, is right there rooting for her courageous stand. Cool. Hopefully if she or her kids (she has two from a previous marriage -- her new not-quite-husband has three) get sick or injured, her so-helpful father will foot the medical bills; since she's not legally married, neither she nor her children are eligible for coverage under her not-quite-husband's insurance.

But obviously it's worth taking the risk that Ms. Bird or one of her children might suffer an overwhelming medical emergency, treatment of which could cause the family financial devastation, while they stand around being stubborn over a couple of words on a form. Yep. Absolutely worth it.

Thanks to Telesilla and Darkrosetiger on LiveJournal for the link. [sigh]



Kerry Allen said...

Yeah! All decent hetrosexshul Americans refuse to be legally married! That'll fix those durn homosexshuls!

If Heaven is filled with these lovely people, please, Lord, I'm begging you, send me to Hell when I die.

Charles Gramlich said...

Although this is amazingly silly, and I don't support such nonsense, and I fully support gay marriage, I also have to wonder, why would a gay couple really have minded signing the old form. You're correct, you can sign the form and call yourself whatever you want. What difference does it matter whether it's A or B, or Bride and groom, or Harry met Sally, or human and alien. I guess I just don't think such labels matter much.

laughingwolf said...

seems like a few birds cheney missed while out hunting? :O lol

Angie said...

Kerry -- yeah, I don't know that I want to be sharing space with them in eternity either. :P

Charles -- I think there's a significant difference between making a man sign under "Bride" or a woman sign under "Groom," and having everyone sign under neutral terms like "Party A" and "Party B." When I got married, for example, I was a "Party" to the marriage. I wasn't a "Groom," though, and leaving the forms that way would have contributed, I think, to the systemic exclusion gay people already operate under in our society.

No, it's not a huge deal in the greater scheme of things. But neither was it expensive or difficult to fix, and the solution chosen does apply equally to everyone. That equal application is what's important here.

Laughingwolf -- you know, seriously, I wouldn't cry if Ms. Bird ended up in an expensive medical situation in the near future, and unable to pay for optimal care. She's made her decision that running without insurance is worth her little moral snit fit, and if she has to live with that, well, she's an adult and can take responsibility for her own actions. I'm just hoping that nothing happens to her kids while they're uninsured; they shouldn't have to suffer just because Mommy's an idiot. :(


Steve Malley said...

I feel traffic lights violate my rights, on account of I'm unhappy about the particular shade of amber used to get me to slow down.

Angie said...

Steve -- I can just see the bumper stickers: "End The Amber Tyranny!!" LOL!


laughingwolf said...

true angie...

i'm with steve, too...

i also can't stand mosquitoes, and other blood suckers! :O lol

Angie said...

Laughingwolf -- that's right, mosquitos just fly up and take blood which belongs to you! A clear rights violation! There should be legislation to protect us all! :D


writtenwyrdd said...

Yeah, this is incredibly stoopid. How is refusing to register your marriage (and thus living in sin according to your religious fundy strictures) going to make the world a better place?

Angie said...

WW -- that angle struck me too. My guess is that, since they were married in Daddy's church, they figure God considers them married. Their conflict is with Worldly Authority and therefore doesn't affect their spiritual status.

Hey, it makes as much sense as anything, right...?


Anonymous said...

This whole debacle was ridiculous from the start, but made even more ridiculous by the fact that these two are no longer married anyway. Oh wait, were they ever legally married or just "living in sin" the entire time anyway? What would her dad, Pastor Bird, think?!

Angie said...

Anon -- did they end up getting divorced? LOL! That's at least the second divorce for each of them, since both had kids from previous marriage(s). But clearly it's all these gay people who are threatening Traditional Marriage, not straight people getting married and divorced and married and divorced. [eyeroll]