Thursday, September 4, 2008

Writtenwyrdd's Bloggaversary!

Okay, anyone who can crank out 933 posts in two years, and keep them all interesting and helpful and full of cool links, definitely deserves to throw a party for it. So to celebrate two years of awesomeness, WW is having a contest.

Head over to this post and give her a 150- to 300-word narrative describing a different reality. (See the post itself for details.) Deadline is Friday the fifth, at 6pm. I'm figuring Eastern timezone just to be safe.

Congrats, WW!



laughingwolf said...

will have a look, thx :)

Steve Malley said...

933 posts!?!

Those are two of the ahrdest working W's in show business!

Angie said...

Laughingwolf -- you're very welcome. :) It looks like a fun contest.

Steve -- no kidding, LOL! I was completely boggled when I saw that number! :D