Friday, October 24, 2008

"I Had an Idea..."

Well, I can now say I've shared in the Universal Writer's Experience. Two of them, in fact, although related.

The husband and I are on a cruise right now (two weeks -- we'll be in Aruba tomorrow morning, going through the Canal on the 27th [with hopefully less excitement than our first time] and back home on the 5th) and at our table the first night the group did the usual, "So, what do you do?" conversation. I said I was a writer.

Now mind you, this is the first time I've been in a general, mundane sort of social situation with a bunch of people I don't know since I was first published a bit over a year ago. Jim and I don't socialize much, and when we do it's usually with people we know (duh) so people knew I'd been writing and it was more an "I got published!!" sort of conversation. We haven't been on a cruise in a while, though, so this was my first time telling a small gathering of strangers that I write.

Sure enough, one of the men said, "I always had the perfect idea for writing a book," and he told me all about it. (In case you're dying of curiosity as to what The Perfect Idea is, he said I should go sit out on deck, or in a bar or restaurant or any public place, and listen to the partial conversations going on around me and write stories about them. I expect a dollar from anyone who uses this; e-mail me for my PayPal info. [cough])

And another man said, "I should write a book. I have a great imagination. Some day when I have the time, I'll write a book." Umm, yeah. You do that. Let me know how it goes. (I managed not to say that last bit out loud, since I do have a certain basic set of social skills.)

So anyway, yeah, a couple more things to check off on my list. I'm waiting with bated breath for someone to sidle up to me (maybe one of the wives?) and offer to tell me the perfect story idea she has, and suggest that I could write the novel and the two of us could split the money. I'll let you know when that happens. :)


PS -- internet is forty cents per minute here, and that's their cheap plan, so my apologies. I'll be slow responding to comments, and won't be reading anyone else's blog for the next couple of weeks. :/


Charles Gramlich said...

Welcome to the club. Now you see the experiences are really true.

laughingwolf said...

angie... that's hilarious! and still goes on... lol

writtenwyrdd said...

I just wear a writerly captioned tee shirt and get asked if I write. I just say No because it's just easier than opening the can of worms.

Have a great time on the cruise!

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks! Yeah, I always knew, in my head, but my gut always sort of had the idea that it was just stories circulating the internet and conferences. [wry smile]

LW -- yep, it sure does, LOL!

WW -- I don't mind talking about it. I just had to share the experience with folks who'd laugh with me. :D

And thanks! We just went through the Canal yesterday and we're stopping in Costa Rica tomorrow.


Steve Malley said...

I never know what to say about what I do. Do I want:

1) the Standard Writer Stuff - as you experienced.

2) the Standard Artist Stuff - 'I can't even draw a stick figure, but my cousin/brother/mailman/guy at work who can draw like anything.'


3) the Tattooist Stuff - in which it is either implied I am a drug-fried biker or body parts will be exposed at the dinner table.

Sometimes, it's tempting to follow the example of a good friend. He's a (very) successful artist, but at parties and such he claims to a sheep farmer. He can do about ten minutes on the subject of boundary fences and deworming if needs be!

Angie said...

Steve -- ROFL! I guess one could look at it as an exercise in creativity. :D


Ello - Ellen Oh said...

hee hee. This is why I have learned the hard way NEVER to say I'm a writer.

Angie said...

Ello -- I don't really mind, per se, it's just sort of... like a combination of boggling and eyerolly, you know?