Sunday, March 1, 2009

Challenge -- February

So when I first signed up for Aerin's writing challenge, I was thinking that I'd have been done with my Huge WIP of Doom way before now and I'd have some fiction I could actually, like, post here. I've been stumbling on that, though, and so it's still chugging along, and since it's fanfic I'm not going to post it here.

I did start an original story, after glancing at the calendar and doing the "Ack!" thing, but while I did get a nice beginning down in a file, it's clunky first-draft stuff (too much telling, too much worldbuilding) so I'm not posting that either.

So I'm going to have to go with the bare numbers -- which are still going to have me hiding under my keyboard because February was not a good month for me -- and I did 3704 words this last month. [cringe]

Massive ick. I'm looking at this as my low point for the year; it can only go up from here on out. Right? I hope so! :D



Charles Gramlich said...

I write so many differnt things in an average month that I don't think word count is much help. I might spend a long time on a poem, for example. All in all, February was a pretty productive month for me.

Natasha Fondren said...

February was a disaster. I'm afraid to look. Seriously, I haven't looked in weeks. I'm afraid to see how much of a disaster it was!

Angie said...

Charles -- you're right that word count isn't always useful. [nod] I have a novella which needs a pretty thorough rewrite; some severe pacing problems messed up the ending, causing the external conflict to wrap before the internal conflict was anywhere near ready. I'm just getting back to working on this, but I can tell that there'll be places where I'll be adding whole scenes and a new plotline or two, but there'll be others where I'm just tweaking. I've done a lot of work already, but I've only added like two words, if you're counting totals. [wry smile] Still, I do have a WIP I really wanted to have been done with by now, and in that case, seeing how few new words I produced over the last month is useful. At least, it shows me I need to kick myself in the ass and get to working harder.

SS -- you too? [sigh/hugz] I was seriously shocked to see how little I'd done; I'd been sure it'd been more. I mean, a whole month! :( I hope March is an order of magnitude better for both of us! [crossed fingers]


laughingwolf said...

sorry you think you're not meeting aerin's requirements, but if you have 3.7 k in two months, when all you need is 2k for her challenge, i see no problem

all my posts are not brilliant, but they are scribblings of mine

dunno for sure, but i think i can go back to my original flash 55x5x4=1100 words/month, and the odd 6- and 12-word ones add to the count

today, i'm only able to see reasonably with one eye closed, thankfully i have some stuff written in advance and need only post them

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Honestly - I have been so focused and hung up on my revisions that now that I'm done I don't even know what to do with myself. But I have no energy to try and write anything else. Hopefully the muse will come back this month.

And don't worry about February, it's such a short month anyway!!! You'll get right back in the swing of things!

Angie said...

LW -- it wasn't so much about the challenge at that point, but rather about the fact that the 3.7K was all I'd written that month, total. [wince]

Ello -- I hope so! Although March hasn't started out very well either. :P Luckily there's quite a lot left to go, so I can still get back in gear. [crossed fingers]