Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Mail

I just got a cool certificate in the mail today (or yesterday now, I guess) from EPIC, for being an EPPIE finalist. It's really nice, around 10x13 or so (I'm too lazy to dig up a ruler) on parchmentish paper, with full-color printing. It came in a folder, too, rather than just being stuck into the envelope. I think my husband was more excited than I was, LOL! We're going to get a frame for it and hang it in the computer room. :D

I didn't know the finalists got certificates, so it was nice to get. Good on the EPPIE committee for doing this.

If you want to see what the certificate looks like, Cat Grant posted a pic of hers. Mine's just the same, but with my info and book cover.



Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. That's pretty neat. Congrats.

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks. :D


Natasha Fondren said...

What a nice certificate! I'm impressed they made it look so nice. You can hang that proudly.

Congratulations, Angie! How are you feeling?

Angie said...

SS -- thanks! I agree, they definitely didn't do this one on the cheap. [nod]

In other news, I'm about 75% well, and have been hovering there for coming on a week now. :/ I haven't felt actively nauseated in a while, but I still sometimes feel... you know that sort of anticipatory nausea, where you don't feel really sick right now, but you feel like if you ate anything you would be sick...? That.

I'm still on a pretty bland diet, although Jim wants to do steaks this weekend and I'm thinking of giving that a shot. I'll probably just have like half or a quarter of mine, and see what happens. Keep a set of virtual fingers crossed for me!


Steve Malley said...

WooHOOOO, hope you WIN!!!

Angie said...

Steve -- thanks, hon, but I didn't. :/ I talked about that a couple of posts backp; the con where they handed out the awards was last weekend and I didn't win. A guy named Rick Reed won my category, for a book called Orientation. I read it and it's pretty awesome; I don't really mind losing to something that good. :) Thanks anyway, though -- I'll save up the good wishes for next time I'm up for something. [hugz]


laughingwolf said...

way to go, angie! :)

Angie said...

LW -- thanks! :D