Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sale and Misc.

Torquere's Having a Sale -- use the code beach2010 to get 15% off on any purchase between now and Midnight (EST) on Tuesday. Torquere is here, or go here for my page on the site.

Vampire Bunnies -- what is it with vampire writers in the last however many years deciding that a vampire's fangs are his or her incisors? o_O Whenever I read about a vampire's sharpened incisors extending, or whatever, I have to laugh -- I get this mental image of a psychotic Bugs Bunny or an undead beaver something. Definitely not the image most writers seem to be going for. [snicker]

How to Keep Someone With You Forever -- gakked through Nagasvoice over on LiveJournal, Issendai posted this piece on how to keep people from leaving you, whether "you" is an individual in a personal relationship, or a company trying to hold on to its employees. A good subtitle would be "How to Create a Sick System." This is important reading for anyone who might be caught up in a sick system, or who has a loved one who's stuck in a sick system. But it's also fascinating as a writer who might want to put a character into an emotionally poisonous situation some time. This is fascinatingly awful, and the fact that it's real just makes it moreso.



Bernita said...

Your "fascinatingly awful" is the correct description.
Psychological vampirism.

Meg Leigh said...

I've been in both a marriage, and a job like that! Scary to look back on it now.

Angie said...

Bernita -- your "psychological vampirism" works too. [nod]

Meg -- yuck! Glad you got out, both times. [hugz]


Whit said...

On Vampire Bunnies:
Girl U soooo crazy! L A Banks has a cool reference to fangs she says whenever one of her characters is being funny or sexy they flash "a hint of fang or with a little hint of fang" LOL I love it. I would think incisors that lengthen would work for a Vampire Tooth Fairy? Go figure.

Angie said...

Whitni -- sorry, I just can not get that image out of my head! It's psychotic undead rodents all the way, LOL!


Suzan Harden said...

ANgie, go to One guy did photos of vampire chocolate Easter bunnies that were effing hysterical!

The other thing? Been there. Done That. SOOOOO not doing it again!

Angie said...

Suzan -- LOL! Okay, that's great. :D I'm trying to figure out what he used for the fangs, though. Maybe slivered coconut...? [squint]


Anonymous said...

There's so many vampires around anymore that they've long lost their mystique.

Angie said...

Jason -- true, it hasn't been about mystique for a long time. [nod] Nowadays, the point for most of them is the dark-and-dangerous romantic aura. Vampire bunny teeth don't really contribute to that, though. :)


Dawn Wilson said...

"A sick system." Wow, that sounds like my family. LOL I agree with the thing about "vampire incisors." That's just nuts.

Angie said...

Dawn -- I think a lot of people end up falling into similar habits, whether they're deliberately predatory or just because they're desperate and have no normal social skills and trip over a technique that works for them. :/

And yeah, it looks like the vampiric incisors thing is something to avoid unless you want your readers to be snickering.