Sunday, February 2, 2014

But It's Groundhog Day...?

So I'm sitting here working on a story (which is due in by midnight) and I hear this hollow, distant boom from outside. Weird. Sounds like a fireworks type rocket going off, but there's only one, so I figure it must be a car backfiring or something. About ten minutes later there's another one. Then a few minutes after that, another one.

Then a few minutes ago it sounded like Fourth of July outside and I'm all o_O because it's NOT Fourth of July. :/ I go call downstairs to Jim, "Did Groundhog Day become a fireworks holiday when I wasn't listening?" Because this is seriously weird, like, Twilight Zone type weird.

Jim calls back, "It's the Superbowl. Seattle probably won."


Can you tell I'm not any kind of a football fan? I vaguely remember hearing that Seattle was playing, but giving no damns, I let it slip out of my head. I guess the city fathers care more than I do, if they spent the money on a fireworks show. [wry smile]

I suppose my city winning the Superbowl is somewhat more likely than my city deciding to set off fireworks for Groundhog Day.

Yay Seattle?

Angie, going back to writing


Charles Gramlich said...

Lol. In contrast to you, when New Orleans won the super bowl I was a ball of energy and excitement and enjoyed it all. Then I went back to writing. :)

Angie said...

Charles -- I'm glad football exists for the people who are into it. [grin]

Angie, who did finish her story last night, yay!

Lauren said...

Haha. Too funny. I didn't watch the SuperBowl this year either.

Angie said...

Lauren -- we should start a club or something. :)

A couple days later, they had a PARADE downtown. o_O We were supposed to get groceries delivered that day, but the store cancelled all their deliveries because of the traffic snarl. [sigh] I wonder if my neighbors would hate me too much if I spent next football season hoping really hard for our team to lose...? :P