Thursday, February 20, 2014

Follow-Up on the Libel of Quoting

I'm ridiculously busy right now so this is going to be short, but Mr. Sean Fodera, referenced in my previous post, has hired a lawyer to tell him that linking to an article that quotes him saying something stupid is not, in fact, a libelous action for which one can be sued. He's posted a very thorough apology to Mary Robinette Kowal in which he also points out that he does not represent his employer (MacMillan) in any way when he says stupid things in public.

There are a few interesting roundaboutations and caveats in said apology, but whatever. I only hope he's learned something, and is planning to duck out of sight for a while.

Angie, who still has about 90 stories to get through by Saturday


Angie said...

[Comment deleted for being completely off topic, and trying to use my blog as a soapbox for proseletizing someone's religion. NO.


Pam said...

Actually, he does represent his employer, because he's publicly announced, if not in these exact words, that they're silly enough to have hired someone so foolish as to say such things *at all.* He can disclaim all he likes, but the only way to get any distance between his "lapse in judgement" and them is to either discipline him publicly or fire him.

Angie said...

Pam -- well, there's that. :P Looks like he's getting a pass on it, though, so lucky him.


Suzan Harden said...

Considering the first statement in his apology was that his opinions in no way reflect the opinions of his employer, I'd say Mr. Fodera got his hand whacked by a ruler in the principal's office.

[And you got a religious nutbag? I'm impressed. All I ever get are links to porn sites. LOL]

Angie said...

Suzan -- yeah, that seems to be the consensus. Someone opined that MacMillan's probably gotten a pile of complaints about him.

Most of my comment spammers are hocking prescription drugs or designer knock-offs, that kind of thing. This one posted several hundred words of religious crap, with a bulleted list of whatever. [eyeroll] He can get his own damn blog.


Lauren said...

I think it was a well written apology. We are all human and sometimes do stupid things then get emotional and make it worse. The important thing is moving on from them.

Angie said...

Lauren -- sure, and Mary accepted it, so there you go. I just hope Mr. Fodera learned something from this, even if it's only that nothing you post on the internet is ever completely private.