Monday, January 19, 2015

How We Got Here

Camille Laguire just did a great post on the recent history of publishing that's worth a read for any writer, and curious readers. Those of us who are old enough remember when you could often find a dozen different books by a favorite midlister on the shelves of a bookstore, and when there were book racks everywhere -- every department store and variety store and convenience store and hardware store and grocery store and half the gas stations sold new books, even if it was just a spinner rack, and each store had a different selection. That's all gone now, and Camille talks about why, and what the ramifications have been. She's focusing on the mystery genre, but the events she discusses affected the entire fiction market.

Definitely worth a read -- recommended.



Suzan Harden said...

Thanks for the link! Camille's insights are always worthwhile.

Angie said...

Suzan -- welcome. :) I like reading about the history of publishing, especially throughout the 20th century. It puts things in perspective.