Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yay Noise :/

Sometimes I wish I lived in a town with suckier sports teams.

There are explosions going off in my neighborhood, and a few minutes after it started, Jim called up the stairs to let me know it's because the Seahawks are winning (won?) an important football game. Okay, that's great for the fans. But do they have to make that much noise?

Aside from the general distraction, when I hear that kind of noise, my first thought is, gunshots. Because that happens around here sometimes too. And sometimes when there are celebratory fireworks going off, there are gunshots in the mix too (like there were last weekend) because there are gun owners around who think that a yay-celebration is a great time to fire their gun into the air. Which is damn stupid, because as anyone who's had high school physics knows, a bullet fired into the air will come down somewhere with the same speed, and doing that even one time should disqualify you from ever owning a gun again in your life. Unfortunately I'm not making the laws, and so there are idiots who own guns around. [Obligatory statement that I have no problem with intelligent people owning guns.]

So whenever this happens, I'm sitting here wondering whether a stray bullet is going to come through the window, or maybe through the roof. I have a story due tonight, and that sort of wondering is damn distracting.

I can only hope the Seahawks start sucking one of these years. Or that a few particular gun owners in my neighborhood grow some brains. I wonder which will happen first?



Charles Gramlich said...

The Saints were perennial losers but in the last ten years they've turned it around. when they won the Super bowl the roar was loud enough to be heard miles outside of New Orleans.

Angie said...

Charles -- a roar I can deal with. I just wish they'd leave the guns in the closet. [wry smile]

When I was a kid, the 49ers were pretty sucky. Then when I was in my 20s, suddenly they were winning the Superbowl, and the hysteria among fans was huge. I imagine it was pretty much the same in NO when the Saints won. :)


G. B. Miller said...

To be honest, the Seahawks were losing that game to Green Bay until Green Bay showed mercy where none should've been given.

Angie said...

GB -- well, that was kind of dumb. For all that I have no interest in team sports, I used to be an athlete (track team -- shot and discus, if anyone cares) and if you're going to compete then you do your best. Anything less is an insult to your opponent. :/

I guess they learned their lesson, though, considering the outcome.


Suzan Harden said...

Well, Seattle should be quiet tonight.

Unless there's rioting over the loss...

Angie said...

Suzan -- some folks apparently couldn't stand the thought of having fireworks they didn't actually set off, so there were some explosions here and there. Oh, and earlier, someone was apparently setting off firecrackers or something every time Seattle scored. [eyeroll]

And Jim went outside and said he heard church bells ringing along with one of the rounds of firecrackers. o_O

At least there wasn't an extended round of explosions after the game, though, so that's nice. And I didn't hear any single bangs that sounded like gunshots, which is even nicer. I'll call that a win. [wry smile]