Sunday, March 4, 2018

This Is Me

In case you missed The Greatest Showman, the musical about PT Barnum, it has some completely awesome music. This is my favorite song, from a workshop session they did while trying to get the movie greenlit.

Keala Settle plays the fat, bearded lady in the movie, and is sort of the leader/focus of all the people from the "freak show" part of Barnum's show. The movie is pretty kind to Barnum generally, playing him as a guy who was all down with and empathetic toward society's cast-offs [coughcough] but in one part of the movie he's been caught up in his infatuation with Jenny Lind, the opera singer, and there's this high-society reception for her. He tries to keep the circus people out, because he suddenly cares what the creme de la creme think of him. Settle's character is all, "You did NOT just do that!" and that leads to this song. Which is awesome.

I had water leaking down my face by about halfway through.

Check out this song, then go see the movie.



Charles Gramlich said...

Great voice

Angie said...

Charles -- agree, especially once she stood up and really got into it. :)


Suzan Harden said...

Her performance at the Oscars was incredible. I need to rent this one.

Angie said...

Suzan -- it's definitely worth a watch. [nodnod] Some of the reviews haven't been great, and I can see where some of the negatives are coming from. It wasn't as coherent as it could've been, story-wise, and it certainly wasn't historically accurate in its portrayal of Barnum as an all-around swell guy [cough]. But the reviewer who thought "This Is Me" was the worst song in the movie was either crazy or trolling. :P

Definitely rent it, though.