Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Challenge -- First Day

No, I'm not planning to do this every day this month. :) There's something about starting a new challenge that gets the words flowing, though, or at least it does for me; challenge pace is 834 words per day, and this is almost twice that. Maybe that's the trick of it -- start a new challenge every day? [wry smile]

Heck, if I thought it'd work....

Does that happen with anyone else? You start a new challenge and you're writing gangbusters, then the shiny wears off and the energy leaves and the struggle comes later on?



Charles Gramlich said...

I think that's a very common response. I suspect that's the meaning of the race goes not to the swift. It's the perseverence over time that counts. I started out gangbusters on my new novel and it's slowed steadily, but I'm still making progress every day and I know that's the only way I'll get it done.

Angie said...

Charles -- I've never been able to keep up the "every day" thing, for any significant length of them. Even that first NaNo year, when I made 50K in a month, I had days when I didn't write anything.

I'd be happy if my weekly or monthly total was something respectable. I don't mind juggling numbers so long as it averages out, you know?

You're right that perseverance counts, though. [nod] From my POV, that means that even if I have a bad day or week or month, I keep trying. February and March were awful for me -- less than 4K each of those two months -- but that just means I keep going and do better in April and May, which I did. That kind of perseverance I can do. :)