Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bullies Get Butts Kicked by Cross-Dressers

Gacked from a few places around the net. :D

A couple of homophobic thugs in Swansea, Wales, attacked two men who were walking down the street in short skirts and high heels. The two cross-dressers turned around and wiped the sidewalk with the jerks. It turns out the cross-dressers were a couple of cage fighters -- talk about picking a fight with the wrong guys! LOL!

Someone named CJ in comments to the above linked article suggested "Give these 2 badges and cuffs and get them out on the streets everynight dressed that way to attract idiots who only attack people (seemingly) weaker than themselves." I'd chip in for that, seriously. [evil snicker]



Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes the day just starts off right with a bit of grand news like this. Thanks!

Angie said...

Charles -- wasn't that awesome? You're very welcome. :D


writtenwyrdd said...

That's priceless. And I have to smirk, thinking about the HUMILIATION those wannabe bashers are now suffering. Heh.

But the question is, do the cross-dressing cage fighters fight cross dressed?

Angie said...

WW -- seriously. [grin/nod] This clip seems to be getting popular and I definitely hope that every single person who knows those two idiots has seen it and teased them mercilessly over it.

do the cross-dressing cage fighters fight cross dressed?

I got the impression not. The article said they were in "fancy dress" for a stag night out, so they might not habitually cross-dress at all. OTOH, anyone who can handle himself that well in high heels must have had some practice (I certainly couldn't have done it) so maybe they do? Either way, this was awesome. :D


Steve Malley said...

I *loved* that video, and the sense of EpicFail that goes with it.

Not only did these drunken knuckleheads get stomped by guys in drag, and arrested and sentenced for their unsuccessful assualt, the record of their FAIL is such a sensation it even played on the nightly news here in NZ, halfway around the world!

Angie said...

Steve -- it even played on the nightly news here in NZ, halfway around the world!

Oh, ROFL! That's excellent! With any luck, these two idiots will never live this down. :D