Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review of Candy Courage

Dawn over at Love Romances and More posted a great review of my short story Candy Courage:


CANDY COURAGE is a short hot story about a man who finds himself full of courage when he finds himself at his crush’s house with his son on Halloween. Flirting and coming on strong to Neal, Glenn wonders the next day what the heck was wrong with him the other night. Can Glenn get the courage up to make it to Neal’s house? I love this author’s writing and CANDY COURAGE gives the reader just enough to tide them over before grabbing one of her longer stories. The characters fairly simmer with life and captivated me. I wished it was a longer story to really see what happens next for Glenn and Neal. The author really delivers a hot, sexy short story to whet your appetite and leave you eager for more.

Glenn is a man who has a major crush on a fellow employee, Neal Simpson. When he eats some of his son’s candy-homemade peanut brittle-he finds himself filled with courage to go after the one man he longs for. Can he find the courage the next day when he is faced with the reality of his date with Neal? I loved Glenn as a character. A strong man but full of doubts, he finds the courage-candy and otherwise-to go after a man he longs for. Neal loves the way Glenn was so flirty the night before. Can both men make a relationship after one night of courage? Strong and well rounded main characters are center stage in this short story. I loved the aspect of having a unique twist to the homemade candy theme and found Ms. Benedetti’s version to be one I was wishing to know more of.

I don’t want to give too much away in this short story but if you enjoy a really well told M/M story that has hints of magic in it, then I highly suggest you grab CANDY COURAGE. You never know, you might find some CANDY COURAGE of your own someday.


I love getting reviews of older stories. It's like rearranging the furniture in May and finding an extra Christmas present behind the couch. :) Thanks to Dawn for the review; I'm glad she enjoyed the story!



Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats. always good to hear such things about one's work.

Angie said...

Charles -- thank you! Agree, especially after this long. :)