Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Artist Wanted

For anyone with an artistic bent, Josh Lanyon is looking for a cover for a short story. He's getting the rights back to an anthology story soon and plans to self-publish it. Drawing/painting/photomanipping isn't his thing, though, so he's holding a contest -- if he chooses to use your cover, he'll pay $50 for it. (I know that's not a lot, but it's pretty much the going rate on this end of the industry.)

Luck to anyone who gives it a shot. :)



Caryn said...

What a neat opportunity! Of course I can't draw worth anything, but it'll be fun for someone. :-D

Angie said...

Caryn -- I can't draw either, at least not book-cover quality. But this makes me wish I could, cause yeah, for the chance to have your art on a Josh Lanyon book O_O that's a pretty cool opportunity. [nodnod]