Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Stuff

Submissions -- 2pts
Writing 14,176 words -- 6 pts
Editing 9196 words -- 2 pts
TOTAL = 10 pts

That's 2/2 toward my 2011 goal of being on Koala Approves every month, yay. :)

Koala Challenge 9

Also, A Hidden Magic is a Recommended Read on Jessewave's site, which is pretty darned awesome. :D



Charles Gramlich said...

Good progress. Well done.

Nancy Beck said...


I read that sampling of your latest, and it has me intrigued.

In fact, it had me chuckling (always a good sign).

I think this is going on my To Buy list. :-)

Travis Erwin said...

I haven't checked in yet this year. I'm probably in trouble.

Nancy Beck said...

Bought it! :-)

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks! I definitely want to do more writing this year than I did last year, and this is a nice chunk.

Nancy -- awesome, I hope you like it! :D

Travis -- I think everyone will forgive you for being kind of distracted right now. {{}}


Caryn said...

Well done! And good luck on your submissions. Submitting is exciting but so nerve-wracking, too.

Angie said...

Caryn -- thanks! All good luck wishes gratefully accepted. :D