Friday, April 1, 2011

A New Writer Story

I know I still need to post March Stuff, but this is too good to wait on. [facepalm] Anyone else ever have this happen...?

I sent a story via Post Office to an SF magazine yesterday, 31 March (yes, there are still SF markets that haven't dragged their butts into the 21st century), and today I got my empty, unsealed SASE back in the mail. o_O I can only assume that my envelope came open (unstuck or torn or whatever) and scattered its contents all over the sorting room. Just as well they sent me my SASE back, or I'd never have known and would've been waiting to hear back from the editor for quite a while; even assuming they get the whole story, which is kind of unlikely, they wouldn't respond without a SASE. So thanks to the PO for delivering an empty, open envelope and clueing me in.

I'll admit this is a new one on me. I remember back when paper mail was the only way to send stories in. Heck, I remember when your SASE was the 9x12 and the larger envelope was a 10x13, because you were hand-typing your manuscripts and if it was rejected, you wanted that sucker back, rather than just the slip. I never had the whole thing fall apart, or be torn apart, or whatever happened yesterday.

The Post Office is closed for today, but I have a new package done up and will try again tomorrow. Hopefully it'll get through unscathed.

Angie, crossing a set of virtual fingers


Charles Gramlich said...

Didn't know you were Old enough to remember the snail mail only days. I certainly am.

Angie said...

Charles -- LOL! I'm 47. :) I sent my first story out when I was 15, which the magazine editor very wisely sent back with a blurry, fifth-generation xeroxed rejection form. I don't have that story any more, which is to the benefit of all humankind. [cough]