Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Story -- "Custody"

Cryselle is a reviewer who does a "Thousand Word Thursday" feature where she posts a photo and invites writers to send her a short fic based on it. Last Thursday's pic was of a cute little green dragon, and it spawned a short story (about 2500 words -- yes, I'm an overachiever sometimes :D ) about him and his people, called Custody.

Flicker keeps showing up at Branden's cottage, even though the tiny dragonling is supposed to live with Branden's ex, Tol. Branden and Tol can't live together, but neither is happy apart, and Flicker's refusal to understand that he only has one person now isn't helping at all.

(For folks not into m/m, there's no sex in this one, so you can click through safely. ;) )


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