Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Story Plus Convention

Hey, all! [wave] I'm here at WorldCon in Chicago and having a great time. I just got back from a reading and Q&A session with John Scalzi, who's always entertaining, and who has a short story (I'm not even going to try to remember the title; it's long and funny) up for a Hugo this year. I'm also hoping to get into Laura Resnick's Bheerfest thing this evening, if one or two people ahead of me on the list don't show up, which would be pretty cool. (I don't drink beer, but I'd love to sit at a table with Laura Resnick and BS.)

I also have a free story called Birthdays Suck up at Cryselle's Bookshelf. It's set in the Sentinel verse and is about Paul's 17th birthday. It has no sex in it, so it's safe for folks who aren't into graphic sex in their fiction, but be aware that there's a major spoiler in this story, if you haven't read A Hidden Magic yet.

I'll put this up as a free read on my own site in two or three weeks, something like that, but for now it's only available at Cryselle's place; my thanks to her for hosting it. :)



Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. I would like some Bheerfest. I'll check out the story.

Suzan Harden said...

You know we expect a full run-down on events, people, etc. Please. *bats eyes*

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks, I hope you like it. :)

Suzan -- we'll see what I remember when I get home. :D Lots of good stuff this year. I will say that the hotel got its act together; at the last Chicago WorldCon, at the same facility, the only department that didn't screw up pretty royally was the bell desk. This time it's been much more pleasant.