Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Free Story -- Birthdays Suck

I just put Birthdays Suck up on my web site. This is a free short story, part of the Sentinels series, set back in the early nineties when Paul was a teenager. It's Paul's birthday, and he's not at all happy about it, because he's sure his life is pretty much over.

Note that this story has a MAJOR spoiler for A Hidden Magic. If you haven't read that, and plan to, you'll want to read that first, then go read "Birthdays Suck" afterward.




Charles Gramlich said...

I thought at first you'd had a birthday yourself that didn't agree with you.:)

Angie said...

Charles -- LOL! No, my birthday was in August and it was pretty good. Next year I'll be fifty; I have to think of something special to do for it. :D