Monday, December 31, 2007

Free Story and a Sale

It's my turn on the Advent Calendar over at Torquere -- you can read my story "Catching Courage," which is a sequel to "Chasing Fear," here. Things have improved a little since Halloween for Emilio, but not as much as he'd like. Now it's New Year's Eve and they're spending it with Martin's family, which always makes Emilio hunch into his shell whether it's logical or not. Can he convince his gut of what his head already knows?

Includes a free bonus recipe for tres leches cake, although not, unfortunately, Abuela Sandoval's recipe. ;)

All the other Advent pieces are still available through the main Advent page.

Also, my novelette "A Spirit of Vengeance" is on sale for 15% off here through January 2nd.

Happy New Year, everyone! [wave]



Charles Gramlich said...

I read the sample. Very good. I'm on the run at the moment but will come back and read more later.

Happy New year!

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks! I hope you like the rest. :)