Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month-End Wrap

Well, February was another awful month for writing. :/ My brain seemed to be buzzing around between dozens of topics, half of them stories and half not, and never lighting on any one thing long enough to concentrate on much. I'm blaming the Olympics (hey, it's only two weeks every other year!) and the general upheaval that life has been.

The Olympics is over now, though, and the upheaval is being fixed tomorrow, with one last upheave. We're moving into the townhouse at an ungodly hour of the morning; we need to check out of the hotel at about 7:30 to take a cab over to the house to meet the movers. The're supposed to be there with our stuff between 8 and 10, which means they'll actually be there at 10:30, unless of course we're late getting there ourselves, in which case they'll be there at 7:45. Such is the way of appointments with service people.

The new TV and couch are supposed to be delivered tomorrow too, and the phones/internet hooked up. If something goes wrong with the latter, I guess I can trek over to the bookstore with my laptop every day or two and at least get e-mail until everything is hooked up and settled. Virtual crossed fingers for everything going well are greatly appreciated. :)

Unfortunately, I just squeaked by with a bit over 4K words written this month, and didn't submit anything. With one point in McKoala's challenge, I'm just barely safe from getting torn to shreds, woe. Hey, I have nowhere to go from here but up, right...? :D

Koala Challenge 1


Bernita said...

Hope everything goes off close to schedule, Angie.
What a time you've had!

Charles Gramlich said...

Moving is such a disruption. It's amazing you got anything accomplished.

Angie said...

Bernita -- the movers showed up at around 9:15 or so, so it wasn't too bad. And we have internet, yay!

Charles -- no kidding, yikes! We're here now, but most stuff is still in boxes and I can tell it's going to take a while to unpack. But the computers are up, and there's a narrow path around two sides of the huge pile of boxes in the kitchen, so we can get at the food, even if we don't have any dishes out yet. We've been eating microwaveable stuff out of my quiche dish, which was in one of the easily accessible cartons, LOL! At least we're here, though, and now it's just a matter of getting organized and settled in.