Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving and Writing and Stuff

Hey, all! [wave] We're up in Seattle, at the same hotel we were at in December for the house-hunting trip. It's been interesting, in the ancient Chinese sense.

Southern California had record rainfall the week we were packing and moving, and our garage flooded again, twice, once really bad and the second time just enough to send us into a panic of wondering how high the water would come that time. We actually came out of it relatively well; there were streets that were flooded above the wheelwells on parked cars, and I saw a few minutes of TV coverage of people being evacuated from their houses, so just losing some stuff wasn't too bad on that scale. Still, it's something I could've done without.

So we're back at the Alexis, and Jim had his first day of work at the new office yesterday. The bosses were gone and it took a while to find someone who knew what to do with him. His job title includes the word "officer" this time, for whatever reason; he gets a badge and will be getting fitted for body armor -- in case the viruses start shooting back, I guess. [wry smile] I was actually thinking they might be taking him along on search warrants, which was something he did occasionally before the big reorganization when they set up Homeland Security (although he didn't have body armor back then; they just kept him a couple of miles back from the site until it was secured) but apparently not. The guy who was getting him settled in yesterday has been there for however many years and said they all have body armor but they've never used it; his is stashed behind a door or something. Your tax dollars at work again. At least Jim's enjoying the two-block commute. :D

I've been very pleased that it hasn't been as cold as it was in December! Seattle did a bit of record-setting itself that week, for which I'm grateful. Jim likes the cold, but I'm cursed with a very narrow comfort zone, temperature-wise, and am just as happy it doesn't get below freezing in the daytime here all winter, or even every winter. [shiver]

Let's see, what else? I heard from the person assigned as my editor for A Hidden Magic and at this point the book's scheduled for release on 25 May, whee! I should get edits by early March, which is fine; hopefully we'll be moved in and reasonably settled by then so I can focus on work. If not, I'll manage.

January was pretty much a loss, writing-wise. :/ I signed up for McKoala's 2010 Challenge (thanks to Writtenwyrdd for the link last month) and barely scraped out two points, one for that antho submission I did in early January, and one for managing to write a whole 5K words and change last month. Almost enough for a second wordcount point, but not quite. [hides under keyboard] I think the upheaval of moving is a semi-acceptable reason for falling off on the verbage, but only semi. I'm determined to do better this month.

Angie, hiding from the Koala :D

Koala Challenge 2


Charles Gramlich said...

Body armor! I hope he never has need of it, but I suppose it's good to have if you do. Luck on getting everything settled in and back to your writing routine.

Angie said...

Charles -- that's what I said, LOL! It would've been cool if it'd meant he'd be going on warrants again; I know he used to enjoy it back when.

It's good for the suspects, too, if the team has a computer expert along. They're still presumed innocent until proven guilty, but if there's no computer expert then the warrant team is likely to just haul off anything that looks like computer equipment or electronic media, to go over back at the office for however many weeks or months that takes. Even if the charges are dropped later, a business can take a huge hit, or even be driven to bankruptcy, if a bunch of guys in uniforms walk out the door with all their computers and backup disks and such. Jim can sit down and make copies of what the investigators need (and find hidden files, and undelete stuff, and cetera) so at least the business still has their equipment and records and can keep running while the investigation is ongoing.

He was never in any danger, though; as I said, they'd keep him (literally) a couple of miles away until the building was secure. If they wanted to add body armor to the mix, that's fine, but in that kind of situation it wasn't really necessary. Looks like it really won't be necessary, though, if this particular group of techies doesn't do that kind of thing anyway. No clue why they're spending money on body armor (and a training course in how to use it) when the techies aren't actually doing anything with it.

And thanks -- all good luck greatly appreciated. :D


Spy Scribbler said...

Wow, good luck with everything! Glenn's company is in Seattle.

I love it when edits work out like that. I remember the edits on Ardeur were given to me a week before I moved, and because I'd been late, (my fault), they were due in a day or two. I did them on no sleep for days and every muscle at failing point, on the floor since I'd sold all my furniture. (Sleeping on a hard wood floor for a week sucked.)

Angie said...

Natasha -- hey, that's cool! I'll have to yell "Hi Glenn!" out the window some time. :D

Massive yikes on doing edits in just a couple of days, on the floor. :( We're incredibly lucky that this is a paid move; we're getting per-diem and have been able to afford very nice accommodations during the upheaval. I'm glad you made your deadline, even if doing it kinda sucked. {{}}


Bernita said...

In spite of flood,and general hassle am glad you're there without too many bruises, Angie.
(McKoala shouda given you a medal)

Angie said...

Bernita -- hee, thanks! I'm just happy not to've gotten clawed. :D