Monday, January 31, 2011

Review of Candy Courage

And another review by Cole at Jessewave's, this time of my short Candy Courage. He gave it 3.75 stars and said:

There were a lot of things I loved about this story — namely the idea the story is based on. I thought it was a pretty great idea and it was showcased rather well, not only in how Glenn changes after he eats the candy and goes after what he really wants, but in the couple of little vingettes at the start of the story, which show random children and how the candy affects them. I thought the story of little Graciella, who was afraid of her big, scary dog, really cute.

The problem that I had with the story was that the two main characters, Glenn and Neal, didn’t really fit together. I have no doubt that they could if we were given more than a five or six pages of them together. The story is really about Glenn going for what he wants and ending up with a hookup, which is about all that can be told in 14 pages.

Cole's exactly right there -- I've never believed stories where the characters are all, "Oh, I love you!" after ten minutes of conversation and one roll in the sheets. I mean, seriously? o_O This isn't a romance; it's a story about how Glenn overcame his fear of making a move with Neal. I think they'll probably work out, but showing that would be a different story. Maybe I'll write it some day.

Thanks to Cole, and I'm glad he enjoyed it even if it wasn't a romance. :)



Caryn said...

Whenever characters fall in love so fast I have to wonder if it will really work out once they actually get to know each other. It totally ruins the romance.

Angie said...

Caryn -- I agree. I can believe in lust at first sight, and infatuation at first sight, but not actual love. It takes time to fall in love fer reals, and some shared experiences and interests and views and habits. If characters don't spend time together, or don't talk about anything but how hot each finds the other, don't do anything but boink, I can't believe the "I love you so much!" at the end.