Monday, January 24, 2011

Review of Hell Is in the Details

Cryselle did a great review of Hell Is in the Details, and gave it four out of five marbles.


Benioth, the Demon of Laziness, is behind on his memos and has just found out he needs to corrupt a soul by midnight to make quota. Luckily the Demon of Sodomy doesn't mind sharing the fun, and Benioth runs into Andy, who's still innocent but eager to have someone fix that for him. It sounds like a perfect situation, but somehow things never go right for poor Benioth.

I always suspected that corporate America got some of it's less attractive features from the Infernal regions -- Angela Benedetti makes that point very strongly, with memos and quotas, job reviews and last minute hustles to get it all right. Benioth needs to scurry -- corrupting someone beyond redemption using sloth takes a while and he -- really! -- doesn't have all night.

Now, in order for this all to work, you have to reserve judgment on one notion that had me going uhhhhhhhh but you know what? Hell really is in the details.

This was fun, and it gave the devil his don't.


This was a fun story to write, too, and I'm glad she enjoyed it. :D



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writtenwyrdd said...

That's wonderful. I've not been reading blogs much lately and missed the notice of the publication. Congrats on that, too.

Karalynn said...

It's a month of reviews for you! (Sorry for not keeping up; as usual, I've been distracted by Life for a while.)

I remember you describing this one to my great delight -- I'm off to snag it now. You might let Torquere know that the sample link is messed up, or should that come from a customer?

Angie said...

Kara -- hey, great to hear from you again! [hugz]

Thanks for the note on that link; I hadn't even noticed it, but I'll let the Powers That Be know it needs fixing.

You can still get to the sample by clicking on the "More about" link; the "Sample" link just pulls the sample out by itself, as a new window.