Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All In One Place For Your Convenience

...we have racism, ablism, classism, plus a Hey, let's all laugh at the fat people! Wow. Check out the WalMart Bingo Card. [eyeroll]

Oh, and down in the comments there's someone taking a swipe at those outrageous women who actually breastfeed in public! [exaggerated look of horror] Wow, wouldn't the world be better without them? To say nothing of the people with eyepatches, and the white women with multi-racial kids? [I have to wonder whether women of other races with multi-racial kids are somehow less offensive to whoever made up this bingo card, or whether this person just thinks all brown people look alike and therefore has never noticed a woman of color with multi-racial kids. It's racist and offensive either way.]

I guess if nothing else, this is a great example to show that people who are bigoted against one group of people tend to be wide-spectrum, equal-opportunity jerks. Because clearly seeing someone who's missing a limb shopping in the same store as you is just as offensive and objectionable as seeing that someone has left frozen foods thawing on a random shelf somewhere.

Good grief. :/

EDIT: Just to be clear, WalMart is not handing these out. Some jerkwad on the net came up with it, and thought it was funny and worth sharing.


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laughingwolf said...

angie, why are you surprised at ANYthing out of wally world? :(

Angie said...

LW -- this isn't WalMart's fault, though. They can't help it if some subset of their customers are bigoted jerkwads. :/ 100% of the blame for this one belongs to the person(s) who put together the Bingo card, and thought it was funny and just had to share it. :/


Charles Gramlich said...

Glad you pointed out that it isn't from Wal-mart. A lot of folks are liable to think it is.

Angie said...

Charles -- it never occurred to me that anyone would think so, but I cross-posted this in a couple of other places and LW wasn't the first person to assume that, so I added the note.

I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of WalMart, but they're not stupid enough to commit this kind of PR blunder. [wry smile]


Susan Hatler said...

I read the first comment and that was enough for me. It's hard to believe people that harsh exist. I can only hope they'll grow up someday and try to understand people instead of judge them.

Angie said...

Susan -- we can hope, definitely. [nod] I'm not betting anything, mind you, but I'll certainly hope. :/ I only read the first page of comments myself; that was more than enough.


writtenwyrdd said...

While there may be people like that in W*M it really is tragic that people find it necessary and acceptable to poke fun in such a mean manner.

I found the racist comments and fat people and other derogatory comments to be worse than the card itself. (But, you know, breast feeding while shopping is just gross the way some women do it without a 'privacy drape' of some kind. Have a little bit of couth, woudja mommies?)

Angie said...

WW -- exactly. Sure, there are people like that at WalMart, and a lot of other places too. But aside from the stuff like the melting frozen stuff and the diapers left wherever, most of what they're snarking at is just people who are different from them. I mean, seriously, people with eye patches or oxygen, or people missing limbs -- that's something to wax sarcastic about? o_O That bingo card says a lot more about the people who created it, and the people who are applauding it and suggesting new squares, than it does for the people the card describes.