Friday, May 22, 2009

At a Convention

So I'm up in Santa Clara at BayCon with my husband. We come every year; I used to live in this area before I got married, I've been to every BayCon and worked the first twenty-some of them. It's a cool con and I get to see friends I don't see anywhere else, which is always great.

I was particularly looking forward to this year, though, because Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon are co-Writer Guests of Honor. I've liked their work for twenty-some years, and though I don't fanatically grab every single thing they publish nowadays the way I used to, they've still produced some of my favorite fantasy and urban fantasy books and stories. Misty Lackey and Charles De Lint are the reasons I like and write urban fantasy, in fact. I even brought a book with me -- a hardcover copy of Black Gryphon -- to get autographed, and I hardly ever do that.

Well, we just found out at dinner that Misty and Larry aren't actually here. :( Misty has the flu, so they couldn't come after all. Massive suckage. The Fan GOH already couldn't make it, so we're down to the Toastmaster and the Artist GOH. [laugh/flail] Talk about bad luck! And of course it'd have to be one of my favorite writers who gets sick just when I was all jazzed up to meet her.

I'm sure I'll still have a great time, just because I always do, but... crud. :/



Charles Gramlich said...

I've met them both a couple of times in New Orleans. Mercedes missed a con down here once for being sick. I wonder how her health is overall.

Angie said...

Charles -- I hope it's not a generally worsening thing. :/ Someone said it was just a flu, so hopefully it was really bad timing rather than a trend. [crossed fingers]


Steve Malley said...

Just wait-- one day, you'll be a GoH, and you'll hear those fateful words:

"The other guests didn't show... can you pad your talk out a couple of hours??"

Angie said...

Steve -- Ack! [laugh/flail] Lordy, I hope not! I'm a really awful public speaker in this sort of context and would probably be planning for short-and-sweet in any event. If anyone asked me to run on for two hours, I'd probably faint or something. [wry smile]