Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review -- "Candy Courage"

Lily over at Lily-ILoveBooks gave Candy Courage a great review. I'm delighted that she enjoyed it. :D


It's Halloween night and Glenn Bellamy is taking his son trick or treating. Following the warnings of his ex-wife, he doesn't allow him to eat the home made candy the boy gets. When he's reassured by the other Dad he's with that it's made by a harmless neighbor who's been living there all his life and making the special Halloween candy Glenn decides it ok and eats it himself.

What Glenn doesn't know is that while Sebastiano Fiorentelli's candy isn't harmful it definitely isn't ordinary candy. Mr Fiorentelli puts a little extra something in his candy every year and this time it's Courage.

What follows is a night and day of out of character behavior on Glenn's part that just might have a wonderful and long lasting effect on his life. This was a very entertaining short story. At only 14 pages it's part of Torquere's Sip line. I really liked the characters, the one sex scene was hot and the bit of magic was a delightful treat. Since it's so short I don't feel I can say much more without giving away too much so I'll just end by saying it's a well written little book and I enjoyed it very much.


Thanks Lily! :D



Charles Gramlich said...

Cool on the review! congrats.

Angie said...

Charles -- thanks! :D